Network sentient automounting

Sep 29, 2011
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I hope this is the right place, but this really bothers me on my mac....

I switch from Work to Home every day on my MacBook Pro.
If I for instance want to go to my work folder, which I have a shortcut in my doc, then I'd have to CMD+K mount that specific folder. I have a lot of folders both HOME and at WORK... On top of that, I use Crashplan which does not run until I mount the specific (and different folder paths at home and at work)

On Windows the shortcuts, programs, scripts worked just fine, and I would be able to access stuff without me interfering and constantly having to mount stuff.

I know that Mac uses a different approach, but there must be some way to make it easier!

Basically what I need is some sort of "Network sentient automounting" that works all the time in the background regardless where I am, or if I just resumed.

Please do not write about:
*'Login Items' as I never ever shut my mac down, I only use resume. I've currently set those to mount both work and home folders, causing a huge number of errors being display
*Creating a script - because, as above, I use a sort of catch all script that produces errors wether I'm home or at work because all folders naturally cannot be mounted
*10.4: One way to automount SMB network shares - Mac OS X Hints
*Map a network drive on a Mac

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