net question



well when im on the net for quite a while, lets say about an hour, a little windows pops up in osx and tells me that i am connected and asks me if i want to remain connected and i have to click stay connected or disconnect. This is getting pretty annoying, especially since if i dont respond my connection goes idle, and when im away from my mac downloading files, this becomes a real problem. I connect through osx using a ppoe connection. Is there anyway to disable this feature?



(Using OS X 10.3.4)

System Preferences>Network, choose "iternal modem" from the "show" menu. You should be under the "ppp" tab. Click the "ppp options..." button. Uncheck "Prompt every X minutes to maintain connection".

[Edit] Wait, you said pppoe? I thought it said ppp. The above instructions would be for dial-up. I'm don't know how you would does this for pppoe.

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