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Needing help connecting a G4 to home wireless network

Jul 19, 2011
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I am trying to connect a Mac G4 tower system (older -- it was a gift) running OS X, which has a AirPort installed, to the wireless network we already have. The wireless router is a Linksys WRT54G2. We have DSL connected to the router. The router is connected to a PC running Windows 7, and we use two PC netbooks wirelessly and an old PC notebook wireless on the network. At the moment our Epson printer is connected to the Mac, but that can be changed if necessary so all the computers can access it. Before we started trying to put the Mac in the network the printer was connected to the wired PC and all the net and note books were able to access it as long as the main computer was on.

The Mac lists the network as present, but I get one of two error messages when I put in the correct network password (I use the show password option to confirm this, and I've triple and quadruple checked that I have the correct password). Either the message is that the password was incorrect or that there was an error making the connection. :Confused:

I've read several posts, here and elsewhere, that had these same results, but where the situations were different enough that I can't use the suggestions.

I used to use Macs extensively, but that was many years ago. As a result of this lag I need detailed instructions in order to make this work. If you need more information to help me, just post and I will add it.

Thanks in advance :D


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What method of encryption is the Linksys broadcasting? What I'm thinking is that the Airport card in the G4 tower may only be capable of using WEP and the router is broadcasting WPA or WPA2. If that's the case, the G4 Airport would not be compatible and not be able to connect.

As an experiment, turn off all encryption from the router and then see if the G4 can connect. Only do that as a test, however.