Need Urgent Help. Statistical software PSPP running on 10.5.8 crashing upon open.

Nov 22, 2011
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Please HELP!! Running Statistical Software Problem!

If anyone could lend a technical hand to my problem, I would appreciate it as I know how great this company's fellow users are at helping one another. That being said, the problem I am experiencing may be have an easy solution but I just fail the technical savvy to produce it. I am trying to run this free statistical software PSPP downloaded from Jeremy Lavergne - PSPP . The program was successful in installing onto my Mac OS X v 10.5.8. When I try to open the program it directly crashes prompting the "The application unexpectedly quit." window. I am direly in need of this statistical program. All other programs owned by large corporation are charging in the range of $1000 for their software. As I am a current college student (yes, AKA broke) it is imperative I obtain access to the program. Any advice or know how would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Loyal Macintosh User and (Broke) College Student,

I thought I'd add that I haven't tried much. Initially, after experiencing the problem several times, I moved the program to the Trash, but immediately took it out and back into my Apps folder. I googled the problem and retrieved, what seems to be, valuable information from this link How to fix PSPP’s psppire crashing right after launch (Mac OS 10.5.8) « Things I tend to forget . It simply lacks the depth in steps on how to perform the fix.


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Dec 22, 2006
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