need to help iTunes to locate it's songs

Dec 4, 2011
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hi. I got a new MacMini and successfully migrated my music files to it from my PowerPC G5. I also imported my playlists file to iTunes to retain my playlist structure. But now I have to locate each song individually for iTunes in order for it to play. Then, after I've located one song for iTunes it helpfully asks me if I want it to locate my other 6,000 songs and I say: "yes!" Then it tells me it can't locate any of my 6,000 songs. Passive aggressive or what? I mean, Final Cut Pro has been able to easily find missing media files once you locate the first one, and it's been doing that since OS9. So somebody in Cupertino knows how to set this up... Sorry for the rant.

How can I get iTunes to find the files, sitting in the iTunes music folder, all by itself.


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