Need help with Shared Common Drive to mount this drive onto the Macs.

Apr 16, 2015
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We have a Shared Common Drive that holds documents that students need to access. We need to mount this drive onto the Macs, and then make it available when another user logs on. I did that using an admin account and its work well, but I can't see my drive when I login to Mac as student .
Sounds simple right? Just use finder e.t.c ... however ! we have students logging in under their own user name on the network... and then the drive does not show up. For example ... if Timmy01 logged in, and we mounted the drive for Timmy, when Charlotte01 logged in she wouldnt have the drive, because its not in her log-on items, its in Timmys...

What we need is a script that says ...Mount 'x' Drive on log on, of any user.

We found script, that connect the user to the server, and display the shared drives in the desktop. We create automator that lunch the script, and we add this automator to the admin login items. And it works well. Each time we login in to Mac as an admin the script run perfectly. but we don't know how to make this script work for all network users such as students and faculty.

Any ideas?

As I told you I tried many solutions to solve the problem, here are the wrong solutions that I tried before:
1- I tried to create a group of the network users to give them a specific login item, which is automator that lunch a script to connect to the server and open the network drives on the desktop.
2- I tried to enter the mac system as a root to make changing to the all the users.
3- I create script that launch in the login item for the admin and its work well but how can i make this script launch when the computer start up for all users.
The professor suggest that we work on directory server option or computer startup script to solve the problem.

Please provide the solution correctly!!
Thank you
Jul 24, 2013
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Ohio (USA)
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Is this a class assignment or an actual need in a school? Your question reads like it is an assignment. If you want any suggestions you will need to provide more information. Do you have any servers and if so what server software are you running? Also what version of OS X are the Mac's running. Are there any Windows computers involved?


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