need help with OS 10.3.4 and Windows 2003



Hi all,

I know nothing about Macs, but I do know that Mac users are cool. I have one user who wants to use his Mac on a Windows Small Business Server network I have set up. I want to grant his wish, but so far, I am out of luck.

Here's the info:
domain = mycompany.lan
Exchange server =
Netgear Print Server =
shared folders = \\server1\public and \\server1\users\John1

First of all, the print server is attached to a Brother HL-1440 laser printer. I downloaded the drivers from Brother's website, and installed the package. When I try to connect the print server, the correct model for the printer does not show up, and it won't let me print with "Generic" selected.

Second, I can't get the mac to connect to the file shares. The user has permission to access them. Finder -->Go menu-->Connect to server:

This gives me the SMB / CIFS file system authentication dialogue box. It has properyly pulled in the domain name of my network. It's asking for a username and password. I enter in the user's username and password as assigned on the server, and I have also tried the admin username and password for his powerbook. Both sets of information return the error: Cannot connect, the username or password is not correct. Microsoft says that I should not have to disable SMB signings for OS 10.3.x to connect, btw. That is what most people seem to reply to postings similar to mine.

Lastly, does anyone know what I need to do to the exchange server to allow the Mac to join? We've tried setting up an exchange account and feeding it the IP address for the server. It tries to authenticate him and then says an error occurred with the IMAP server. Is this a service I need to install for Entourage to connect to the Exchange mailbox?

Any help you all can give would be most appreciated.

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