Need help with macbook air(installing Lion)

Nov 3, 2014
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I am giving my macbook air to my uncle and am having trouble installing Lion. I completely erased everything on the harddrive and now when I restart the laptop, it brings me to the page that says I need install the OS. When he tries to log in using his apple id, a message comes up " This apple id has not been used with the app store".

He just created his apple id a few days ago and even when trying to log into the app store or itunes store, the same message comes up " this id has not been used with the app store".

Is there any way I can fix this?
Jul 24, 2013
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Ohio (USA)
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2023-14" M3max MBPro, 64GB/1TB, iPhone 15 Pro, Watch Ultra
HI and welcome!

The problem is your uncle's id is not the one that is associated with the license for Lion. This happened because all of the downloaded version of OS X, If bought as an Upgrade from a pervious version of OS X, are tied to the Apple ID of the person that bought it. It is not tied to the machine.

The only version of OS X that is tied to the machine is the original version that came Pre-Installed on it when bought New. You should of wiped the drive and reinstalled Lion on it using your apple id - assuming it was your id that Lion was purchased under.

You will need to use the Online Internet Recovery system, Hold down the Command+Option+r keys at startup until you see a Spinning Globe in the center of the screen, and reinstall Lion on your system and use the apple id that was the one originally used when Lion was purchased. Then if your uncle wants to can Buy Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store he can put it under his own Apple ID.

Since you don't give the specs of the MB air, would it be possible to upgrade it to either Mavericks or Yosemite since they are free???? Just a suggestion.


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