Need help i messed up

Nov 7, 2011
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Okay, so I am working on my friends Imac. Running lion, has 8 gigs ddr3 with 4 core processor.

They have 1TB hdd in it, and 700gigs of "movies filing it up"

I plugged in a 2 TB external in order to move these movies off the internal and free up the start up etc. (they were getting a pop up etc)

I moved over all their JPGs, and restarted the computer, Now Finder unexpectedly quit happens along with some other dumb programs. In the report it says image not found. I am thinking i moved the default image from the internal hdd and the finder program requires it. However I can't get my external to show up on the dekstop. I know it is plugged in cause I can time machine to it, see how much storage it has but I can't view it to move the pics folder back? is there a solution without losing data? HELP!!!

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