Need Help Forcing a Restart

Sep 30, 2014
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The basics: I have an iPod touch 4th generation (64 GB) running iOS 6.1.6 and have been using it for years now. Recently it's been showing its age and I've been considering a replacement, a sentiment which I became more certain of when the home button stopped working about a month ago. Today, it abruptly turned off and now just has a black screen, with no response from the lock button or being plugged in, either to an outlet or my laptop. My normal course of action in this situation would be to hold down the home and lock buttons to force a restart, but since the home button doesn't work, I'm at a loss. There is a lot of data I'd like to retrieve from it before replacing it, so I was wondering if there is some way to force a restart of the device from my laptop, or if my only option is to wait and see if the battery dies and the device restarts when I plug it in then.

tl;dr version, anyway I can reset a crashed and frozen iPod if the home button is broken?

Thanks in advance, guys.

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