Need help deciding on a power cord for 13" MacBook Pro

Sep 1, 2012
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Hopefully I am asking this question in the correct's my first time to post a question.

I have the MacBook Model A1278. My cat recently decided that my power cord was a fun toy and ruined it. It is the 60W MagSafe Power Adapter model A1344. I've been researching a replacement, but I need some advice...

I've seen a few options on Amazon..the same model that I have and also model A1184. I am also seeing some 85W chargers that say that they work with the 13" MacBook Pro. I'm not sure what I should buy because people comment a lot about all of the problems they have had with the factory cord. Also, there are some big price differences between the ones I am looking at--

$75 for the A1344 (ratings aren't so great)
$32 for the A1184 (ratings bit better, much cheaper)
$20 for an 85W Ropee brand cord (#1 Best Seller on Amazon in Laptop & Netbook Computer Chargers & Adapters)

I'm really unsure about what to get. And, I want to make sure I don't screw anything up if I went with the 85W instead of the 60W. The options I listed above are just a few examples of what's available. Have any of you had to replace a similar cord?

Any advice would be tremendously help!!



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Jan 23, 2008
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You can't go wrong if you buy a genuine Apple replacement power cord - adapter directly from them. Yes, it's going to be more expensive but you can be assured that it's the same as the one which originally came with your MacBook Pro. I recommend you also check with Other World Computing (Other World Computing (OWC) - Performance Upgrades For Your Mac) for a power cord replacement. By the way, the cord is called "MagSafe Power Adapter". Also, it's perfectly safe to buy one which is rated higher than the original.

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