Need an experienced Garageband user, please

Apr 1, 2020
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So, I have two mp3 audio files with slightly different tempos. One track has the voice, and the other is the pure karaoke track without the voice. I have imported both files into a Garageband file, and am trying to mix them together to get a single track with reduce vocal volume, but need to fix the tempo issue. I have been trying for days to fix the problem, but have been unable to. Here's what I've tried so far: Calling Apple: they say that they don't help with stuff like this. Looking on YT: Most of the videos on there deal with slightly different issues, or they deal with software instrument files only. You would think this is a simple fix, but apparently not. Apple Garageband help: Not much help.
Is anyone reading this able to point me in the right direction to solve my issue? What I really need is someone that can walk me through it, slowly, maybe even over the phone. If you know of anyone I would appreciate their contact info. Please send me a PM ty, Greg
Nov 15, 2011
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Your Mac's Specs
MBP 16” M1max 32/1tb and bunch of other mac/apple stuff
I'll chime in if there isnt a GarageBand expert around, I don't use GarageBand much, it's sometimes logic (which is similar to GarageBand but way more powerful) but I use pro tools for a living. I know the whole time edits features thing, but GarageBand has it's features for this, and it may or may not be what you're looking for. There's a few different scenarios that require different approaches, sometimes its a simple matter of the audio is in time with itself, but not with each other, and, or, that, -and- the performance is not the best in terms of being in time with itself. These differences are important in how you approach things.

There beat match, and flex time in GarageBand which are pretty powerful, maybe you've explored them already.

and flex time which allows for much finer control if the track is in general bad time.

Often I find that shifting the time of a track can magnify what otherwise sounds like decent time but isnt really. If you're not hearing it, it can make matching audio tracks very frustrating as no matter what you do it'll never match. So Sometimes I'll try to get the tracks 'in the ballpark' to each other and then go in with a much finer edit function and spend hours fine tuning a bad timing track. (using pro tools it's a different feature set but same concept.)

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