Need an easy to use/install app to collect email addresses

Dec 11, 2009
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I am a musician an with out growing number of fan base it would be wise for us to implement an email newsletter sign up.

Something that would store all fan email address in a sort of address book or list so that we could send out a blanket email regarding record updates and live shows.

Does anyone have any suggestions (preferably someone who has used the app that they would be suggesting). I am not a web design/programing guru but I have been able to wing it on my own so far.

Any thoughts for easy to use apps come to mind-it would be most appreciated!

Best Regards!

Sep 23, 2006
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You could probably use an e-mail client and make a group and put all your fans e-mails in that group and then when e-mailing say e-mail to everyone in this group.

Is that what you are asking? Sorry i have no specific apps for you :-/ any e-mail client would probably work. I know outlook you can set up a group say gamer's guild and you can say e-mail everyone in that group.

You may be able to use something like filemaker pro to have all these e-mails in a database... but that seems excessive for just a list of e-mail addresses.

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