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Mystery broken tunnel interface keeps appearing as default route in OSX

Sep 28, 2010
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This was baffling at first but comparing ping in and out of the network lead me to routing.

netstat -rn shows that every time networking restarts, the default route is replaced with a tunnel that doesn't work.

This is probably a VPN but uninstalling all VPN software hasn't helped. I have to run

sudo route -n flush multiple times and every time I open and close the lid or move networks.

How do I figure out what's causing this? I've uninstalled the VPN and the VPN is no longer visible in network preferences.

Holding option+clicking the wifi icon allows me to generate a diagnostic report. Where is that stored and what part of that might be relevant to help me figure out how to fix this?

Is there some command to reset all network settings? Deleting wifi and adding it back in network settings just restores all the passwords that were there before.

I deleted the whole sys prefs folder and let OSX recreate it. I also created a new location in networking and deleted the original. This worked for a while bit then... it came back again.

Malwarebytes came back clean but I wonder if this could even be the remnants of a virus that's trying to route my traffic through a MITM attack?
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