My Steve Jobs report



For my launguage arts class in school, we had to pick a person who has impacted the world, so I thought " Who better to do a report on then Steve Jobs! Plus, it will be fun! " So I am going to share it with you, I hope you like it!

Inventor of the best computer ever, yes, I’m talking about Steve Jobs. I want to know more about this fascinating person, so I will learn it and share it with you too. Some things that I learned about his are his major accomplishments and impact on us and our society. You will have to read this to find out what they are.

Lets start with personal information. His full name is Steve Paul Jobs. He was born in Los Altos, California on February 24th, 1955. Mr. Jobs is married and has 4 children. He only went to high school because his business was so big.

Moving on I am going to tell you about his major accomplishments, information on what he did, and information on him. Mr. Wozniak and Steve Jobs designed the Apple 1 in Steve’s bedroom, and then made the prototype in Steve’s garage. After they made the first Apple 1 the local electronics store bought 5 of his computers for $666. Two years after making the Apple 1, Steve Jobs made the Apple 2, it was the best in personal computers at the time and for the next 5 years. In early 1974, Steve started working as a video game designer for Atari, Inc. Jibs sold over $20 million dollars worth of his Apple stock. He spent days bicycling along the beach feeling sad, he toured Paris and journeyed to Italy. In late August he began to feel better. He then looked back at his experience in Apple. Steve introduced the Apple 3, which had never fully recovered from the design flaw from the Apple 2. They had a bit of trouble selling the fixed version of the computer. When he left Apple he created a company called “NextStep”. In mid 1989, after long delays that Steve was never blamed for, NextStep introduced a $7,000 computer. The system had no floppy disk so there were basically no useful software applications, but it cost $7,000 because it was the first computer ever the have a mouse. Steve Jobs has designed many computers like the eMac, iMac, Powerbook, iBook, and many more. The computer industry has grown, changed and improved so much over the last couple years, Steve is so proud to be a part of it.

I like this person because he is really smart and made a computer that is really easy to use. Also because when he was going through rough times he never gave up at what he loves doing. This person has impacted my life by giving me a computer that I love to use. This person has brought the easier use of technology to people all around the world. The impact that this person has had on the world is a better computer that is great for everything with a virus free computer.

Steve Jobs is a really great guy and his love for computers has taken him far. I would like to know as much about computers as he does. He is awesome.

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