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My New Gaming Rig!!!

Jan 30, 2005
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Your Mac's Specs
MBP 2.4ghz SR, 256m 8600gt, 640gb HD, 3gb RAM
Ok guys, I finally did it! I built a sweet gaming rig!
I finally decided I couldn't handle using my new iBook G4 with its 12" screen for playing games, so I custom built a box just for games and set the iBook up just for homework and other "important stuff" (finances, digital pictures, projects, etc.)
The new system has:
Shuttle SN41G2 system with nForce 2
AMD Athlon XP Mobile 2400+ (she's gonna get overclocked, guaranteed)
512 MB Mushkin PC3200 (1 GB by summer, lets hope)
120 GB WD 7200 RPM, 8 MB Cache
4x CD-RW (Dual Layer 16X DVD-RW during the summer)
GeForce 6600 256 MB (oh yeah...)
And soon it will be loaded with all the sweets like Doom 3, Half Life 2, basically everything important in life...

Considering I still love and get use out of my iBook I dont feel bad using a Windows based PC, hey, at least I used AMD...

Anyways, what do ya'll think??


Retired Staff
Jul 22, 2003
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Hamilton College
Your Mac's Specs
20" iMac C2D 2.16ghz, 13" MacBook 2.0ghz, 60gb iPod vid, 1gb nano
Very nice...when I saw the thread title I thought you were switching and made a mac for your gaming rig and I was saying to myself "Oh no please don't be what I think it is"
Sep 30, 2004
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Interesting processor choice, let us know how that works out. I have a P4 2.6C with a R9800 Pro, it can play WoW at 1600x1200 well so I can't complain.