my missus doesn't like the new bar in iOS5 Safari

Mar 15, 2011
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Flitwick, Beds, UK
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MBP 15" + iPhone 5S
She is threatening to throw her iPad2 in the nearest bin !.

With iOS4 top left of a Safari window was a small box with a number on it, when clicked this showed a small screen picture of at least 9 of your last visited sites ! and she liked that !

NOW of course in iOS5 it has gone, replaced by a Tabbed Bar under the Web address box.

With her podgy fingers (i didn't say that !) she is now, when pressing the Backwards Arrow (top left) ALWAYS pressing this Tabbed Bar by mistake and giving me a load of chronic EAR ACHE about it !.

Is it at all possible PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE to get the little box back with the number in it PLEASE etc.


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