My Mac doesnt login..

Aug 27, 2008
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alright, im running mac os x tiger, newest version, on a powerbook G4 PPC,
the problem i am having is that everytime i turn the computer on it will go to my login screen, and i am able to type my password and click login, but it will only display the standard wallpaper for mac os x, meaning the top menu bar doesnt show up, the dock doesnt appear, etc, so basically it is a blank screen, but not just plain blue, it has the background that i currently have set, but it will go no farther, i tried resetting the PRAM, and it didnt work. I was planning on dumping the hardrive, but i need to get everything off, but first i want to know if there is possibly an easier way to fix this.

any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks alot

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