My cd drive on my mac laptop wont accept or intake a cd i try to put in..... help plz

Aug 4, 2008
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so today i tried to input a cd in my laptop (Mac OS X version 10.4.11). when i tried to do this it wouldnt take the cd. when i hit the reject button, it make the noise that its rejecting a cd but doesnt and it still doesnt take the cd in.. i took it into the apple store today and the two ladies couldnt really help and told me to schedule to meet tomorrow with one of the tech guys.... im not sure if there is a cd in there or not. its been awhile (couple months) since i tried to insert a cd.

what could be the problem? if i have to replace the drive how much would it cost? i did have an extended warrantee buy it expried in april and i didnt extend it

thanks for the help

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