Music skips when streaming through Airport

Nov 7, 2011
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Hey guys, first post.. I just bought a used Airport Express to stream my music into my theater room from my computer and so I can control it with the Remote app. during setup I installed the new firmware and updated everyting. (It's an older A1084 80.11g model) Everything works and I am able so stream from Itunes or from my phone (iphone 4G running IOS 5).

My only problem is that when I'm streaming from Itunes (running on windows) the music in my theater room skips just slightly every minute or two. The music does not skip from the computer speakers..

I believe it is the interface between itunes and the airport because other streaming to the airport (pandora, iheartradio) does not skip. I initially thought it was weak wireless signal, but have since plugged the Airport directly into an ethernet port, so I know it's getting good signal..

Thanks for any suggestions.

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