music files recovery from iPhone 3GS back to micro$haft XP, any ideas???

Feb 5, 2010
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Yes I did!!!

I read up a couple of posts that said I could delete the old files once imported into iTunes. however I have since discovered that a couple of rather vital steps were missed (either by me reading when tired or omitted from the posts) GRRRR!

Either way is pretty irrelevant now, the damage is done. live and learn...

Thankfully all of my music library 14gb is still in tact on my iPhone.
I have done some reading up but so far found no definative answers.

I have discovered that there are apps to do this but the only free apps (to recover my files) I have found seem to be for the mac OS.

Has anybody found something/used/uses something that will recover my files that works on XP.

It seems a bit silly to buy an application to do this when i'm only going to use it once!

The whole idea of deleting old files etc in the first place was to save space for making back ups etc

Any help or advice glagly recieved, for anybody else about to do something similar CONSOLIDATE YOUR LIBRARY AND MAKE SURE ITUNES COPIES ALL THE TRACKS!!!

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