Music app on my iPhone won't show albums

Apr 22, 2011
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Tulsa, OK
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Macbook Pro 13"
I updated to the latest iOS yesterday. Since then, I had to move all my audiobooks back on the phone (with iTunes). Now, when I try to look at book titles by album, there is no data. I can see artists and songs but no album info. Anyone else having this quirk?


Jun 12, 2011
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Melbourne, Australia and Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
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2021 M1 MacBook Pro 14" macOS 13, iPhone SE 2, iPad 6, Apple Watch SE.
There are two things you can do about this quirk depending on your situation. I am only just getting my head around it myself for my wife who loves audiobooks on her iPhone and listens to them before settllng at night, in waiting rooms, on a plane etc.
If you place the books in separate playlists in My Music in iTunes on your computer and Turn off iCloud Music Library on your iPhone (in Settings > Music) you can select the appropriate playlists to sync by syncing with a USB cable then they will appear as playlists on your phone in music. If iCloud Music Library is on you will not see any music download options during iPhone sync via USB. It just says all your music and playlists are available via iCloud.
The other method is to select each Audiobook, Get Info and Edit the Genre to Audiobook. Then they should appear in Music under the AudioBooks Playlist, but they will all be in one playlist under separate titles.
So at the moment it seems as though we can have the iCloud services like iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library and the advantages of My Music in iOS Music or we can switch it all off and have full manual control.
PS you can turn iCloud Music Library and iTunes match back on after you loa your AudioBooks in Playlists but it then takes ages to reload your Library and Playlists because it all has to sync to the cloud again.


That's not how it is working with my iPhone. From the main list of (whatever you have it sorted by), I tap on the word "Artist" (or "Songs" or whatever you have it sorted by) and I get a sheet of options, including "Albums." See pic.


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