Multiple sync issues across platforms

Jun 7, 2013
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Raleigh NC
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mac mini late 2012; mac mini early 2014; old mac mini running centos; new macbook air; iPad;iPhone
I know I should know how to control this, but...

I run gmail, iCloud, 2 x yahoo account and sync them across mac desktop, mac laptop, and iPhone. I used to also sync with PC desktop and PC laptop, but no longer.

a. when I create a group in Mac Contacts on the desktop, I seem to also create up to 12 more similar-but not identical groups when I check back later.

b. When I create a note on the laptop, I find the note on all the devices, but on some, I have 1 note and in others I have up to 7 of the SAME note

I guess I should decide which application I really want, and just use it, and turn off sync; however, I use each for different things.

This is not a new issue, I have ignored it for a couple of years. Also note in some cases I used web versions of mail (i.e. gmail ) and in others I use Apple Mail.

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