Multiple disc permissions in a MacPro

Nov 10, 2014
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Mac Pro (2009) 2.66 quad + 8GB RAM running OSX 10.10
Hi. I have three discs in my Mac Pro. One is the boot drive, which is an SSD, another is a 2TB Seagate and the other is a smaller spare for setting stuff aside. The SSD and 2TB drives are NOT a fusion drive. They work okay but there are problems with permissions and I am trying to figure out what the permissions on each need to be for them to work in close harmony. The user account is on the boot drive but music and photo libraries, for example, are referenced on the big drive. Permissions on the boot drive show: system - r&w, wheel - ro, everyone - ro... On the big drive they are: Drieu(Me) - r&w, staff - r&w and everyone - ro. Ignore ownerships is not ticked and I am undecided about this. None of these seem to be correct. I know how much chaos can ensue if changes are made rashly, so I am loth to experiment but things are wrong enough to need to do something. Does anyone have any suggestions, given I am not sharing the machine with anyone, other than the default public folder. The spare drive has Drieu (Me) - r&w, system - ro, admin - r&w and everyone - ro!

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