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Aug 22, 2008
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I just bought my first Mac (Macbook) and am having trouble using Microsoft Outlook Web Access on Safari. The issue stands when I want to "search" for specific emails. Generally, on Internet Explorer I can click on a name ONCE and it won't open up the e-mail automatically. However, every time I click on an email (the subject line, the sender's name, etc), it automatically opens it rather than me double-clicking on it to open. The reason I do not want it to open right away is because I want to be able to sort the emails by sender and then hit a certain letter to find a specific sender I'm looking for. So, if I am looking for an email that I received from Sam, I should be able to hit "s" and it bring me to all the emails that begin with "s." I tried checking my email settings and there is no double click option. Can anyone please provide me with some insight?

Thanks in advance.
May 22, 2005
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Closer than you think.
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Performa 6116 2GBSCSI 8MB OS 7.5.3
First off, is it Exchange 2003 or 2007?

I have no experience with OWA 2007, but in 03 there is an option to view by sender. There is also the ability to select the from field, this will sort messages by sender as well. The biggest problem is there is no search by pressing "s" to bring you to Sam. Nor is there a search option at all. Heaven forbid MS make a fully functioning OWA client for Mac users.

If you have MS office 2008 (or 2004) I'd suggest setting up your exchange account through that. Oddly you'll still not have access to Public Folders.

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