Moving Files Onto My Mac

Jan 1, 2008
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I noticed the other day when I downloaded some pictures onto my iMac (Intel, everything current) that my camera had some video files on it, I told Aperture to just put them on the desktop.

When I exited Aperture the files were nowhere to be seen. I opened Finder and went to my desktop folder and there they were.

As soon as I opened my desktop folder, they appeared on my desktop up in the left corner region of my desktop however I couldn't open or drag them or anything until I restarted Finder.

Today I moved some picture files from my Vista laptop to my Mac desktop and had the same problem.

The first time this happened (a few days ago) I had just started my Mac (I had been out of town). Today my Mac has been on since Monday morning. After I restart Finder it seems to work OK for awhile.

Any ideas?


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