mouse scrolling issues

Jan 9, 2007
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I have a "Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000". I originally was using it on a windows laptop and the Intellipoint software for it has an "accelerated scrolling" option that scrolls the page faster as you spin the wheel faster. It works really well on long pages of text if you want to quickly get back up to the top, for example.

Well, since I've started using this mouse on my MacBook Pro, the accelerated scrolling doesn't work very well at all. Normal scrolling isn't near as smooth as it is on Windows, and the accelerated scrolling is just terribly jerky, to the point you can't really even follow the page as it scrolls...

My question is, is there some settings I can tweak to get this working more smoothly, or is it just the way Intellpoint runs on OSX? This is like the only thing on this mac that I haven't been able to fix like I want it.

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