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mouse / pen / tablet recomendations



Sorry I'm sure that their is a better term that that but I am starting to tinker around with some graphic design with my new mac, and have started to see the need to buy one of those mouse / pen mouse / tablet sets. I think it would be much easer to draw stuff in PS with having that. I was wondering if anyone on these boards have one of these sets and what your recomendations are. I have no idea what is a good one, what to look for, etc. I don't want anything that expensive, but then again I don't want something that dosent respond well either.

Links to models or pics of your own setup would be of great help if possible.

Thanks in advance to those that reply.


don't buy anything other than a Wacom branded tablet. The Graphire series is great for learning, however if you want a tablet that you'll be able to grow into then i suggest the intuos2 or 3... I have the intuos3 6x8 and I love it.... it's got great pressure sensitivity and tons of buttons for shortcuts and stuff.....

It'll run you around 300-350 bucks, so if you're serious about persuing this then I highly recommend it.

You could probably find an intuos2 for a bit cheaper but it doesn't have all the shortcut buttons that the intuos3 has....

hope that helps.