mounting 2nd hdd in mac OS (diskutil) issues

Oct 4, 2011
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Fore warned Im not a mac user, I know enough about linux to assist a friend in data recovery.

So heres the issue, my friend was having some trouble with is iMac drive, took upon himself to replace the drive with a new OEM drive reinstall everything. Gave me the drive to try and recover the data.

So my routine is to plug it up to a SATA to USB adapter mount it in a live cd copy data off to a good usb drive and im done.

Well thanks to journaling, I cannot access the drives Users directorys, and the drive only mounts in linux as readonly so i cannot change the ownership.

Note this drive mounts automatically in Fedora 15 with the hfsplus utils and tool, without issue.

But when I try to mount the effer in Mac OS with diskutil, it mounts but to no mount point, and when i do a diskutil info on the disk (note the os sees the drive) it doesnt show the mac partition.

Help hes a photographer and needs some of the data. Any assistance to get the bugger mounted is appreciated.

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