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More radio stations on iTunes (ie. Italian)?



Ok, having to use Safari to type this new thread since it seems that with Camino, the box is blued out and I can't click on the text area!

Anyways, I was wondering how I could add more radio stations to iTunes? I want to listen to Italian radio and I used to stream RTL 102.5 off Windows Media Player but have since got rid of WMP on my Mac (because I'm trying to rid it of as many Microsoft things as I can!). I can't seem to find any Italian radio stations on iTunes and I was wondering whether the stream I used for WMP could also be used on iTunes?

If not, then are there alternative applications I could download and use for free to listen to Italian and other foreign radio stations? :headphone


Hi man. if you click 'advanced' you can add the url of the stream you want to listen to if you know it, then when its playing you can add the station to your library etc