Recently found more than 20 threads to a component called "Monitorer." Using the Aladdin Systems software Internet Cleanup, that has a built-in spyware scanner/remover I see where it checks for something of the same name. But doesn't find it... because

Sonofagun, it didn't bark or howl on any of the scans run. The questionable component was found using a freebie called EasyFind, which serves as an adjunct to Finder .

Now I'm wondering if Monitorer is native to OS-X... or whether itz a Trojan like the name implies, that has, perhaps, impugned IC's spyware tool. **it happens.

All threads to Monitirer were located in either iMovie or ColorSinc Utility. Very suspicious, n'est pas?

Will somebody who is up on all of OS-X's native applications please tell me if my goose is cooked? I'm using a PowerMAC G-5 with OS-X 10.3.2; 250 megawhoop ram and Safari as default; 1.6 Proc.

Thanks for any help,


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