Monitor Dying (Gasp!)



The monitor on my Graphite iMac SE is fading fast. About a month ago I came back from vacation and it wouldn't restart. I tried a new system battery, but that didn't help. It would almost start, but die just as the hard drive was spinning up. I uplugged the hard drive and hit the power button and the light came on, but nothing on the monitor. I left it that way for a while to warm up the power supply. When I plugged the hard drive back in it worked. I haven't shut it down since. Now the monitor is getting dimmer and a bit fuzzy. I'm thinking maybe the down converter is going bad and not putting out enough voltage. Does this sound right to anyone? If so, do all slot loading iMacs use the same down converter? Please advise. Thanks.
Feb 25, 2003
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eem.. ive heard of a lot of lil similar problems with the imacs (both of my G3 imacs are fine, lucky me)..

I heard of one solution being solved by simply removing the plastic case (color) and noticing a disconnect wire and plugging it back in...

could be that. or your settings are way way down :D

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