monitor clarity?



I just recently purchased a new powerbook for a few reasons, 1) portability in college, and 2) design

I just recently started working on a few clients when I noticed that the monitor I attached through the DVI port has a few color distortions around the edges of certain colors. It is really hard to describe this problem, other then the picture on my LCD is not as clear as the picture on the CRT. This was never the case with my windows computer. This would be a little frustrating for me in design because I would have to use my LCD when I use photoshop for clarity, and that was not the point when I orginally purchased the laptop.

Don't get me wrong here, I love my mac. I just wish to improve the clarity on the monitor. I have two of the same monitors, and the clarity issue is the same on both monitors, so it isn't a defect. As for other monitors, the clarity is a little better, but not much improvement. With the laptop pixels are very defined, and on the CRT, they are, well, blurry.



Angry Ostrich

I'm no expert but since nobody else has chimed in I'll throw a shot in the dark.
Do you have any magnetic fields in the area where you keep them? A common magnetic sorce that people don't think about is speakers. A magnet that is close to a monitor or TV can change the colors at the edges. It sounds like you need to (I think its called) reset the photons. If that's not what it's called it sounds cool. First practice this on an old TV that you don't care about. Take a magnet and swirl it starting at the middle of your screen in ever increasing circles till your just hitting the edges, then pull it away quickly when you see the colors the way you want them. I've done this one several screens that were messed up when speakers were to close, and with a little practice you can you'll be amazed at what you can do. If you don't like what you see just do it again it make take a few passes to get those thingys realigned. Don't stop at just one pass. It may take 4-10. If you don't have a good powerfull magnet a magnetic tape erraser will work also. I use a rare earth magnet that is incredibly strong and just hold it further from the screen. A weaker magnet needs to be real close.

Even if this doesn't solve your problem it's fun to do. But be carefull it really does change things - perminately!

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