Mobile Me Switching to ICloud with Apple ID Question

Dec 12, 2011
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It's very hard to summarize my actual question, sorry about the vague title.
Here's my dilemma, and I am having troubles finding the answer.

We have been using Mobile Me for 6 years now. Everything, including both of our itunes, and our emails is tied to our Mobile Me Apple ID. (not unusual)

I personally am using 4 other email aliases under the apple id, and everything is split up between the four aliases (i'm actually not using my Apple ID as an email very often)

My daughter is not using apple email of any kind, so she doesn't need that on her phone, and we aren't sharing contacts or calendars, and don't really need our pictures to sync to eachother either.

How do I migrate to Icloud, while still using my email aliases, without losing our purchases on Itunes (we currently are sharing it as I want to monitor her usage.)
So basically, we need to use our mobile me apple id as our itunes one, while keeping our email separate. Is this possible? I've been avoiding the migration and trying to find the answer since they announced that the cloud would be coming. I refuse to believe that I should have to re-purchase all of her apps just so I can keep my email.


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