Mission control acting up, need a hand here

Jun 14, 2006
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Hey all. So I just replaced my high mileage 2006 macbook with a new 13'' pro yesterday. I started it up, restored it off my time machine hard drive, and I'm having one or two issues.

The most aggravating is mission control. It keeps activating with just one trackpad click. I'll be going about my business, whether it be using chrome, word, or any other program, and mission control will start popping up whenever I click on anything, anywhere, both with a tap of the finger and a click of the pad. After a few seconds of clicking randomly all over the screen, it'll stop. But not for long. I've turned off all gestures as well as the hot corner that I have set for it, but that hasn't helped. I restarted, and that helped for only about 30 minutes. Another weird thing here that I think might be related is that the error tone you would normally hear when trying to click on an invalid selection keeps playing by itself.

So if anyone knows anything that would be great. Otherwise I'll call apple, given that this machine has about 20 hours on it. Thanks for reading.

Oh, also all software is up to date.

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