MIssing photos on iOS8

Sep 4, 2011
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Hi, I recently upgraded my the OS on my iPhone to iOS8 and, while the new system is great I seem to have lost some photos. The new system organizes the photos differently. Previously, I had Camera Roll and an album My Photos - I think it was called. All new photos I took appeared on Camera Roll and mostly in My Photos too I think. However, I used to be able to delete some photos from Camera Roll, but keep them on the phone in My Photos. I had some personal family photos that I kept in My Photos, my grandmother and the like, that if people were ever looking through the Camera Roll folder they wouldn't see...however some of these seem to have disappeared. They are not lost as I backed them up but I'm wondering if anyone know where they might have gone?


They would have been merged into Photos by date. If they were scanned photos that didn't have a date set, try looking at the very beginning of the Photos list (ie the oldest photos).

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