Mind Numbing Uploading Problem

Nov 2, 2011
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I run a podcast from my home, and I've been having a problem uploading that I cannot for the life of me solve.

When I upload the files to my podcast server (podcastmachine.com), the connection times out at around 11.8 megs, regardless of the size of the file I'm uploading.

Here's what's puzzling: when I try to upload the same file to soundcloud, yousendit, or Wordpress, I don't have any problem at all.

When my brother goes to upload the file to podcastmachine on a different machine (also mac) at a different location, he has no issues.

I have tried the following:

*clearing my cache and cookies
*using Chrome, Safari, Firefox
*taking my computer to a different location to use a different internet connection
*checked to make sure my ISP (comcast) does not have any kind of upload limits
*spoken to apple care on the phone (they can't figure out what the issues is).
*spoken to podcast machine (they are no help).

The files are all 192 bit mono mp3 files.

Can you think of ANYTHING I could be doing wrong or missing?



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