Mimicing Interface Builder behavior



Hello all. I am trying to mimic the behavior of IB for an application I am writing. More specifically I have a palette panel with a toolbar and dragable images in the content view of the panel. I want to be able to drag the data that the images represent to an NSOutlineView in the main application window. I don't know if this matters but the two windows are in separate NIBs. Anyway I wan't the NSOutlineView to conform to the NSDraggingDestination protocol but I am trying to avoid subclassing NSOutlineView. I can get a handle via interface builder to the NSOutlineView object and register it for the correct data types but the NSDraggingDestination messages are swallowed by the view class (im assuming) and never make it to my delegate. Can I add a category to NSOutlineView and reimplement the NSDraggingDestination methods to get around this?, or should I subclass?, or is their a simpler method that I missing. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch

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