Migration assistant = no bueno

Sep 19, 2014
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Here's what I'm doing: Trying to migrate apps from a 2008 iMac to a new Mac Mini via cat 5 ethernet cable using migration assistant.

Here's what's happening: Nothing.

Here's what HAS happened: On my first try, which I was sure wouldn't work but I was using what I had on hand -I tried to migrate using USB. It looked like it was working, albeit very slow, because a solid colored progress bar showed up even though it said I had 123 hours left to go. Now, using ethernet cable, I get a blue/white 'candy cane' striped progress bar with NO time estimate. Been running for 17 hours now and still nothing but candy stripes and no time remaining estimate. The Mac mini says 'transferring your data' and the iMac says 'your other mac is ready'. On one of the tries, after several hours, I thought maybe the 'your other mac is ready' could mean that data had transferred. When I stopped the migration, Mac mini gave me a couple of messages saying a few apps weren't compatible with the new MM but nothing at all had transferred.

Any help appreciated and keep in mind, I'm not technically savvy at all (layman's terms or childlike analogies appreciated). I'm all about the graphics apps but a rufus when it comes to the inner workings. Thanks in advance for help.


Also be aware that if you had already created an account on the Mini before you ran Migration Assistant, that MA will create a NEW account into which it will put the migrated files. They won't show up in your original account. MA does that because it was programmed to avoid overwriting anything you might have created in your account, so instead, it creates a totally new account. To get the files from that new account to your account, use the shared folders. Copy the files from the new account to shared, then MOVE them from the shared to your account. Once that is successful, you can go back and delete them from the new account and even remove that account through System Preferences/Users and Groups menu.

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