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A client of mine wants to add a message board to there Web site, and I was curious to as to which route you think I should take. I'd like to use something I can easily customize with css.

The site is for a band, and the board will get anywhere from 50-500 members.

The host they use offers MySql and some other stuff that I don't know much about.

What do you use, or what have you built before?

Should I just go with phpbb?


If you aren't going to get anymore than 500 members I would do phpBB because its free. If its is going to be larger in the future, and needs higher security, vBulletin is the way to go. Personally I like vBulletin alot better myself, but you have to pay for it.


VBulletin is definitely the best board I've seen and you have the most power over.

PhpBB is what I use, it's free it's nice, and it's still fairly customizable.

I'd say it's fine if you don't want to pay for a message board.

That webhosting company has some pretty good deals; i'd also check out good stuff.

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