Menu bug in 10.7?

Dec 8, 2009
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I have noticed a small bug in the desktop of 10.7, although I can't say it didn't start a couple of patches earlier. On occasion, when I switch to another space and another app, the menu bar at the top won't switch with it.

Example. I'm using Chrome for a while, then want to pop over to iTunes to do something (which is already running). I can click around iTunes, everything in it works fine, but the menubar at the top still says, Chrome. Nothing I do in iTunes will change the menubar from Chrome. Unless I click on the desktop background. Then it properly says Finder, and clicking on iTunes now brings up the iTunes menu.

I'm not picking on Chrome. It will do the same thing with Mail, or Safari or any normal app. But only on occasion, not all the time.

Wondering if anybody else is seeing the same thing.

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