Media Hub to wirelessly stream Itunes

Jan 16, 2011
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Here is my set up.

I have a Macbook 13" currently running my 9 days worth of music.

I have purchased a Bose Wireless sound link - this requires me to plug in the Bose supplied bluetooth dongle to my macbook when streaming.

This is okay but there are a few problems....

1) The dongle sticks out of the laptop and could easily get caught.
2) when I stream the music I don't want the laptop to be out of action (From my son who will undoubtably mess things up when streaming to sound link doc)

Coupled with this I uses the 'remote app' on my iPad to control what music I want on.

I am considering purchasing a cheap older generation Mini Mac to act as a media hub and allow the usb dongle for the Sound link to be plugged into that and transferring full iTunes library onto the plentiful 80GB hard drive on mini mac (the older ones G4 are about 110 quid on ebay)

Thus this would free up the macbook and I can use the iPad as the remote.

My question is what is the oldest version/cheapest mini mac that will allow this. i.e needs to be wifi and able to use apps on iPad to share iTunes.

I am on a budget

the only other bit of info is that I have 2tb time capsules - is there anything this could help with. first post whooppeeee


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