MDD Graphics Card

Nov 6, 2007
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Im considering a Geforce 7800 for the mac, **** nice specs compared to other mac g4 cards

700mhz (1400mhz GDD3) Memory clock
450mhz GPU clock
core image
quartz extreme

BUT my problem is that it takes a 400w power supply if your pm is modded, and i already have 3 hard drives dvd burner, and might be upgrading to sonnett duets. so you can see my problem....not enough power, i have one molex aviable and the y cable takes 2.

So my question is this:

Would it be best to try and find a 5 1/2 drive bay graphics card power supply that has 2 molex? or would it be best to just build a pc and install my LEGAL copy of OSX 10.4 on it? i mean the price after the power supply/cpu/graphics card its going to cost me 850-1000, 200 more dollars and i can build a pc with core 2 quad 8gb ram and a lower end quadro work station card.

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