MBP Unibody HD Upgrade

Sep 1, 2006
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2.2GHZ Macbook Pro - 4GB RAM - 500GB HD
Hey guys, I've run into something wierd and was wondering if any of you have seen this before. I've got a 3 year old MBP, my wife has a new unibody MBP. Both work great, both have upgraded hard drives to 500GB.

Recently I convinced a friend at work to go Mac. He bought the same MBP my wife has, the 15" unibody with 250GB drive. He downloaded SuperDuper and backed up his 250 to a brand new 640GB drive (WD Blue Scorpio). The drive boots perfectly when its connected via USB but will not boot when installed inside the computer. We also tried this with a 500GB drive and the same thing happened. We also couldn't get OS X (Snow Leopard that came with his computer) to install on either 500 or 640 but it installed over the 250 no problem. I also tried Leopard on the 500 and 640 and had no luck.

He took it into the Apple store and they said they had to order memory and a logic board but weren't sure which would be the issue. 5 days later the parts came in and he took the computer to the store. They told him that he had to leave the computer with them for 3-4 days because they had to test the memory and logic board using an external drive. He suggested just installing the 640 that he brought with him so they could figure out what parts were bad and they wouldn't let him do it, nor would they do it themselves. They told him that if he did that all other parts of the computer would be under warranty except for the drive and they couldn't test an OS install on any drive that did not come with the computer.

The computer is 2 months old and (not that it matters) he bought Applecare for it.

Does this sound normal???



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