MBP early 08 15" Can't boot/wake to OSX but can boot to Bootcamp

Apr 5, 2009
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I have an early 08 Macbook Pro 15" that I'm having some hardware issues with.

I have a 2012 Macbook Pro 15 but it's currently in the shop for another reason.

Here's the problem.

I had a OSX Mavericks + Bootcamp on my '08 installed and functional. At some point OSX would cease to boot up properly. However, bootcamp seems to work fine.

Bootcamp windows 7 64 bit partition can:
Cold Boot
Restart boot
Wake up from sleep
Close the lid and maintain state
Basically seems to be 100% functional

1 problem in bootcamp:
in the hardware properties, the firewire controller cannot start

OSX can only start after I have pulled the HD and put it from another mac (whether as a USB or as a primary internal drive). Then I have to shut it down and I can install it in my '08 as either a primary or external usb drive and it will boot fine but only once.

If it shuts down or sleeps I won't be able to recover and I will have to boot the drive from another mac.

I first thought it was my bootcamp partition that was creating havoc, so I installed OSX on another one of my MacBooks (sister's '10 13" unibody) and erased the whole drive including the bootcamp. This did not fix the problem.

I can always boot to single user mode. Verbose boot hangs at assigning EN1 - which I find weird.

Most of the hardware is functional including:
left usb port
dvi out
lan port
cd drive
display (led brightness increases/decreases fine)

Non functional hardware:
right usb port

Unsure since I don't have either one of these drives:
Firewire ports

I have of course also tried SMC and PRAM resets

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