MBP "backlight" defect not fixed by shorcut

Aug 30, 2011
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MBP backlight defect not fixed by shorcut

Hey everyone,

So I am having this defect that does appear common in some MBP models where it looks as if half the backlighting lights are not active. I have tried the SHIFT + CTRL + EJECT sequence, but to no avail.

This problem began to occur, and I suspect not by coincidence, right after a bicycle accident a few weeks ago. To the best of my knowledge, my backpack didn't even touch the ground. Instead, I broke my collarbone and cushioned the bike's fall with my own body lol. When transporting for class, I keep my Mac in a padded case inside my bag.

Anyway, is there any kind of wiring issue that blunt force alone could have caused? Has anyone had this problem and it not be solved through the suggested key command? Thought?? Remedies?!

I know the situation could have been worse but it is particularly hard to see my screen when daylight hits it, and it's just plain annoying.

Sorry for the novel! I'd appreciate any advice!

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