MBA-specific issue: restoring from time machine

Mar 18, 2010
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I think this is a problem specific to the macbook air and I haven't found anyone else on the net who had the same problem: I'm having issues restoring my MBA with time machine stored in an external drive, and I think this issue is due to the fact that I can only have one USB connection at a time.

So when I boot up on Snow Leopard using my external optical drive and I click on Restore from Backup, then there's the window where it tells you to hook up the external drive if that's where your data is saved.

Except at that point, I have to unhook the optical drive in order to hook up my external drive, and I guess doing that interferes with the whole process since it doesn't detect my external drive.

I've tried using a usb hub (not self-powered), but apparently it doesn't transfer enough energy for the optical drive to work.

Any help is welcome!

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