Maximizing App Windows to Full Screen?



i am a switcher and have had my new 14"G4iB for about ten days. it has been stellar and has been a great experience in every way. i do have a few things which continue to bother me. one is that every time i open a browser, app, or window it is always in a semi-minimized mode.
it might take up 50 or 75% of the screen, but it is never 100% of the screen. that is one thing i loved in windows, i love having a full screen browser.

is there anyway to maximize my windows so they fill the full screen? is there any way to set the os to open windows to full screen?


holden mcgroin


yah move the window up to the top left corner of the screen and then drag the bottom right corner of the window to the bottom right of the screen....problem solved...dont change it and it will open like this everytime

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