Manual Backup from windows?

Aug 14, 2008
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Hey everybody.

well, yesterday, i turned on my macbook to find that it shuts down in the middle of the gray spinny wheel thing. i booted into my windows partition and made sure that my osx was still ok. macdrive could read all the files. however, i went into my install CD and went to disk utility, to find that repair disk permissions and repair disk were both grayed out. I tried to verify the disk, but it gave me something about overlapping nodes and couldn't do anything.

so i'm wondering, is it possible to somehow create a bootable version of my entire partition from windows? i have an external hd with enough space.

im not so much worried about my documents as i am my apps. i don't want to go through installing all of them over again.

thanks for any help.

edit: oh, i tried archive and install, but the disk appears with a yellow exclamation mark and it says that i have to change my options to install. so i clicked options, and it said i MUST erase and install. after i did the disk utility, my drive dissapeared. but i can still access it from windows.


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Jan 23, 2008
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Looks like you have no other choice but to erase and re-install. However, if you do that, you'll wipe out your Windows partition along with everything on the drive. You might want to backup your Windows partition first using the free "WinClone" utility before proceeding.

After re-installing OS X, you'll have to create a Boot Camp partition to restore Windows from WinClone.

You should also verify your hard disk first. Boot from your Leopard disk, use Disk Utility, first aid. Make sure the drive is OK before doing anything else.


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