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Making DVDs from iMovies on a 400mhz iMac??



Hello everyone. I'm kinda a newb here. I have a Graphite Special DV 400mhz iMac. Is there anyway I can make a DVD from an iMovie with an external DVD writer. I also have Toast 6. iDVD requires an internal burner, right?Any help is appreciated.


external CD-RW

I hope you don't mind if I hang my post along with yours. I have a similar situation. I have a 300mhz ibook and would like to burn CDs. I have heard of all kinds of problems burning CDs on some other chat sites and am wondering if it can be done. I have gotten so used to my little clamshell being able to do almost anything that I can’t believe there isn’t a way, but I would hate to blow money on a burner that won’t work. Is there anyone out there who can who can give me good info on external burners for my old ibook?


Well. I have an external LaCie burner and I works just fine on my iMac. You would need a program like Toast. You could call or ask at an Apple Store to make sure, but I don't think it would be a problem. Your iBook has firewire, right?
Now back to my problem. I tihnk the only way I can burn a DVD from iMovie is if I export it to Quicktime and then burner a DVD in Toast. Can anyone confim that it will work well like this??


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I use iMovie, Toast 6 and a LaCie DVD burner to make my DVDs. You don't have to export anytime. All you have to do is just drop the movie project file on the video/DVD tab. Then start the burn. Toast will create the mpeg2 file and then burn it to a DVD disk. The burn rate I use is 1xDVD. This is not a fast process on my 500Mhz Ti powerbook. I usually start the burn process and go to bed. It has taken any where between 8 and 10 hours for creation of the mpeg2 file. Not sure how long the actual burn time is. My movies average about an hour im length.

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